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The key to successful property management is how to efficiently collect rent. As a powerful, cost-effective and flexible system, PayZang is becoming the top choice for property management companies that want to initiate, manage and process their electronic transactions securely and accurately.

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With the PayZang property management tools, property managers and landlords can collect and process ACH and credit card payments while automating the deposit of funds.

Integrating with PayZang also provides a simplified way of managing payments, eliminating duplicate data entry and no more worrying about faulty payment-related software systems. Recently, the general manager of PayZang, Christopher Fleisch, explained our payment processing platform more succinctly: “Our robust payment gateway is ideal to integrate with business software solutions. By integrating with PayZang, any property management company enhances its ability to collect on rent in a timely fashion and improves its resident’s experience.” The speed and simple interface of the PayZang platform means you can now manage your automated payment processing without overtaxing staff time or sacrificing effectiveness.

Your All-in-One Payment System

PayZang is the standard for automated payment processing from start to finish. Once the payment arrangements between you and your tenant are finalized, PayZang allows you to completely automate the entire process of collecting funds for rent and services.

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Take a Look at Just a Few Highlights:

Easily accept credit card, debit card, check and ACH payments from tenants

Securely accept rent payments over the telephone, the Internet or in person

Your funds will appear in your bank account quickly and accurately

Providing multiple payment methods gives your tenants a chance to pay quickly

Develop customized, accurate and easy-to-use payment schedules

Receive one-time payments by eCheck, debit & credit card processing

Deposit funds to your account from any location with remote deposit capture

Save money with a more cost-effect solution

Configurable, Money-Saving Efficiency

Our PayZang property management tools platform consists of merchant features bundled into a fully functional payment system that empowers your accounting staff to achieve new heights of efficiency with an easy-to-use program. Best of all, PayZang technology enables you to connect any existing merchant account to create more options for payment collection. You can start as small as you like with just the most important modules, then integrate other options as you grow your resident base, all without having to switch to another system.

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With Payzang You Benefit From:

Swipe card reader compatibility. Convenient virtual terminal and Internet payment page. Remote deposit capture and automated payment processor. Seamless reporting and integrated batch processing. Simple merchant account integration. Manage all your properties with one superior system. With PayZang, you’ll never lose sight of your bottom line again. Contact PayZang through our online form today to learn more about how to improve your payment collecting process.

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