Government Payment Services

In many cases, municipalities and governments interested in adopting new and improved technology find themselves limited by bureaucracy, risk aversion or a simple lack of funding. Numerous entities are benefiting enormously from PayZang’s emerging government payment processing systems. We are proud to relieve organizations from their labor-intensive manual processing that regularly produces costly errors and robs valuable resources. When it comes to electronic payment processing, PayZang technology blazes an exciting new trail with its suite of powerful and cost-effective payment applications.

Payment Processing for Municipalities

As one of the most user-friendly and flexible payment tool suites, PayZang takes excellence and customer dedication to the next level. Our technology empowers you to initiate and process your electronic payments quickly, conveniently and securely. Easy to set up and operate, PayZang allows all types of public entities to create, manage and administer payments. These payment types include automated and one time payments. The result? Reduced use of resources and increased efficiency.

Online ACH Payment

Who Can Benefit?

PayZang’s government payment processing works with businesses and non-profit organizations of all sizes across the nation. Furthermore, we help non-profits, companies, and various organizations accept payments and donations securely and efficiently. With our services, municipalities can accept payments online, through mobile devices, and in person.

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What PayZang Brings to Municipalities

  • The best thing about PayZang for Municipalities is you can implement the technology at no cost.
  • We understand the ins and outs of trust accounts and know that you cannot debit them for fees.
  • Our technology allows you to configure the system for convenience fees made at the time of payment.
  • Once the funds have settled, we make the amount due deposit without those fees so they are never charged against your trust account.

With Payzang Government Payment Services You Can:

  • Receive one-time payments via telephone through credit card or ACH processing.
  • Create accurate and easy-to-manage recurring fee schedules.
  • Make electronic check deposits from your location.
  • Email electronic invoice from your phone, tablet or online with a Pay Now link.
  • Save time and expense by avoiding self-hosted solutions.
  • Connect a system that receives card payments for fines or court charges.
  • These premium options provide you with a powerful payment solution that improves your cash flow and enhances your relationship with every customer, rate-payer or taxpayer.
  • With our government merchant services, you can start small with only the most crucial modules, then expand the system to meet your needs as you go.

Government Payment Processing System

Government Workers

Government Payment Processing Solutions:

Superior Remote Deposit Capture Options

Swipe Card Readability

Easy Merchant Account Connecting

Individualized Custom Interface

Government Credit Card Processing and ACH Processing

Online Payment Page and Simplified Virtual Terminal

Simple and Accurate Reporting for Municipalities

Configuration that Protects Trust Accounts

PayZang is known for providing elite payment processing solutions for numerous municipalities. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Apply now and let us help you start processing payments or donations today!

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