Law Firm Merchant Account

The profitability of any sized law firm depends on the speed in which it collects funds for services rendered such as retainer fees, foreclosure fees, collection assets or fees for legal services in general. PayZang’s payment gateway allows law firms to quickly and accurately process eChecks, debit card payments and credit card payments while automating the accounting and deposit process. When integrated with PayZang, law offices can manage payments, avoid duplicate data entries and eliminate the worry of dealing with fragmented payment processing software programs. As the premier integrated payment acceptance and processing system for law firms, PayZang manages electronic payments simply from initiation to processing to depositing. Our system is not only powerful, it is cost-effective and flexible with an easy to use and direct interface. With our payment tools, law firms and practice management organizations can take care of all their accounting needs with a minimum of staff time and a maximum of effectiveness.

How Our All-in-One Payment System Improves Your Business

PayZang is the newest standard for accurate automated payments from start to finish. Once you have provided your services and agreed upon the payment arrangements, PayZang empowers you to automate the process of collecting your payments as quickly as possible. This allows you to interact with your clients efficiently and with courtesy. With our automated accounting features, you will receive your payments on time, every time.

PayZang gives you the tools to:

Easily divide large balances into a series of smaller installments automatically Accept one-off payments from your clients by telephone, credit card or through eCheck Customize error-free recurring payment options to ensure you receive your funds regularly Electronically deposit check payments to your account from all locations with remote deposit capture Securely accept your payments through your website and other Internet venues Save money with an easy-to-use solution that costs less to maintain Comprehensive Tools for Maximum Efficiency By integrating a number of features into our payment processing system, you can enable anyone on your accounting staff to administer remittals in a secure and flexible format, but most importantly, our technology allows you to connect a merchant account. This means you can offer your clients additional payment options to ensure they never miss a payment. PayZang also gives you the option to start with only the most crucial modules, and then add more as your client base expands.

PayZang’s features include:

Compatibility with swipe card readers Fully functional virtual terminal Remote deposit capture options Automated payment processor Online payment page Integrated batch processing Seamless reporting tools Get started today with your free law firm merchant account!

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