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Welcome to PayZang. We pride ourselves on being accessible to just about every market and industry out there with our focus on fast, secure and accurate payment processing and how it can drive your success.If you work in the health and fitness industry, we can create a system for you. While you might not send out bills or sell products like utilities and retailers, you do collect regular payments, and need to offer your customers convenient and reliable options. Further, while your services are rendered in a specific location, you likely maintain a website, and want to provide payment options through that medium as well. Introducing PayZang’s gym billing software, an efficient and quick way to collect payments from your clients.

Whether your target audience is college students, professional athletes, busy parents or those in need of more personalized service, PayZang can accommodate that need and scale with you over time.

Cost Effective Gym Billing Software

It’s amazing how much financial services can cost. If you look into payment options that you have to host yourself, not only do you have to run them, but you have to maintain them, which means staff and systems that don’t come cheaply.

PayZang is happy to host your payment solutions to keep the busywork low and the money in your pocket.

Services Available

So what exactly do we do for our clients? This goes far beyond cash and card payments. You can take payments from anyone, anytime, anywhere. Here are some of the services available with PayZang’s gym billing software:

-Accept credit card and or ACH/eCheck payments
-Recurring billing
-Online payments
-Accept payments in person using apps or computers
-Store customers’ data in a secure location for repeat use
-Electronic invoicing
-Multi-user/multi-location — you can have multiple users on the platform and you can have multiple store locations under one platform.

Gym Billing Software

Working Out

Woman Trainer

Health and fitness are all about mobility, right? Perhaps you are a trainer on the go who needs to be able to accept payments from clients in their own homes.

If you have a tablet or smartphone, all you need is an attached card reader, and it’s as simple as a swipe.

Because it is designed to be scalable, PayZang can grow with you and your brand. Reduce and add services as needed to run your business efficiently, no matter what its size.

Contact PayZang Today

We’d be happy to get started on providing you with our elite gym billing software. Please feel free to look around the website, and then get in touch with any questions you have. You’ll be taking payments before you know it! Reduce and add services as needed to run your business efficiently, no matter what its size.

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