PayZang Check Verification

CheXshield is the proprietary composite Check Verification System from PayZang. Its purpose is to make certain that checks are verified and validated in real time. Ultimately, this significantly cuts back on or eliminates check returns, reducing high risk situations for merchants and saving your business time and money.

At its core, CheXshield is:

  • Integrated monitoring and scrubbing of returns.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Technology that is the best in its class.
  • Results in real time.
  • Multiple data sources.
  • Advice for the reduction of returns.
  • Continual analysis of returns.

CheXshield Data Sources

We maintain four main types of data sources:


Businesses or consumers who write checks for services, payments and goods.


Patrons who write checks to play gambling games in casinos and other gambling centers.


Citizens cashing in tax, government and payroll checks.

Other data sources we hold are both internal and external. Further characteristics of our CheXshield data sources include:

  • A sum of 331 million consumer records that have more than 120 attributes of their check writing habits.
  • A sum of 200 million consumer records that have names, addresses, telephone numbers, birthdays, social security numbers, DL, ABA/Account numbers and more.
  • Positive Payroll Database: Over 20 providers of payroll services providers, tax providers, employers and banks sharing positive pay files.
  • Positive Database: 44 million people with good check writing history.
  • Negative Database: More than 30 million people that have unpaid check claims.
  • Equifax and LexisNexis: Information on ID verification for the majority of consumers.
  • Access to positive information on about 60 percent of US bank accounts, and negative information on about 90 percent of US bank accounts.
  • DMV Files: Various states providing weekly updates to use for identity verification and validation.

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