PayZang Check by Phone

Whether you accept and process checks at one location or several, PayZang’s elite check by phone system can simplify your payment processing. Check by phone encompasses an electronic check system enabling businesses to accept check payments over the telephone, by fax or by mail, inexpensively and securely. Through your secure PayZang Web portal, you can also accept recurring payments in a hassle-free environment. Check by phone integrates into an existing shopping cart or allows merchants to bundle high volume processes into batch files for secure transmission to PayZang.

Check by phone provides benefits for your business by allowing you to:

    • Deposit checks into your business bank account.
    • Never have to handle paper checks again*.
    • Use a secure virtual terminal to manually process checks.
    • Have API assistance and integration upon request.
    • Use the system for most U.S. businesses regardless of processing volume.

Compare Check by Phone Fraud Verification

  • 200 million consumer records with DL, SSN, ABA/Account Number, Name, Address, Phone Number, DOB, and other data
  • 331 million consumer records with over 120 attributes surrounding check writing behavior
  • Positive Database:  44 million consumers with positive check writing history
  • Negative Database:  Over 30 million consumers with unpaid check claims
  • Positive Payroll Database:  More than 20 payroll service providers, banks, tax providers, and employers contribute positive pay files to this database
  • DMV Files:  Weekly updates from various states that can be used for ID validation/verification
  • Access to affirmative information for about 60% and negative information for about 90% of the bank accounts in the US
  • LexisNexis & Equifax: Access to identity verification information for most consumers

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