eCommerce Payment Systems

PayZang’s Payment Technology

In today’s pressurized business environment, various types of technology help entrepreneurs conduct business. With PayZang and its advanced technology, it can empower you to compete in today’s markets by giving you the capacity to accept payments made by credit cards and eChecks on the Internet. Designed to mesh seamlessly with the way you already operate, PayZang is the singular resource that gives you the power to originate, process, and conveniently manage your business’s electronic payments in a secure and speedy environment. Your merchant account with PayZang comes with an elite Internet payment gateway providing you with the ability to oversee all aspects of payment acceptance from one convenient location.

eCommerce Payment Systems Made Simple and Efficient

With an ever-increasing focus on doing business as simply as possible, PayZang is leading the pack in the electronic payments arena. While our powerful technology becomes more and more advanced, the way business owners utilize our services gets simpler every day.

With PayZang supporting your business practices with innovative merchant solutions, you’ll be equipped to handle everything from eChecks, debit and credit cards to secure remote deposit capture from a singular source. Easy-to-use and intuitive, PayZang offers these powerhouse benefits without the need to hire a costly IT team.

Processing Payment Online

eCommerce Payment Systems

Payment Processing Solutions

PayZang is known for expanding possibilities with its key processing features. Your business can now quickly accept one-off payments over the phone through ACH (Automated Clearing House) or credit card processing. Developing and managing individualized and error-free schedules for recurring payments is also an essential.

With Remote Desposit Capture you can safely accept secured payments across the internet. You can save money with low-cost and easy-to-operate merchant solutions instead of costly self-hosted options. Our cost-neutral model also gives you a solution for adding convenience fees to the existing costs of your services and products. This powerful solution will help to improve the efficiency of your cash flow.

Comprehensive, Customizable and Cost-effective

The most powerful advantage of a merchant account with PayZang is the smooth integration of its cutting-edge features. Our system empowers businesses to process all forms of payment in a user-friendly, secure and flexible format.

Most importantly, PayZang gives you the power to connect an existing merchant account and produce additional payment processing options. With PayZang’s eCommerce payment systems, you can begin as small as necessary. As you grow and incorporate additional modules to service your increasing clientele, PayZang will grow with you so that you’ll never need to switch to a different system.

Ecommerce Features

Online Ecommerce Payment System


Virtual Terminal Compatibility with swipe card reader. Secure hosted online payment page. End-to-End encryption. Merchant account integration. Payment processor. Mobile Applications. Custom Reports. Custom interface.

With the influx of confusing information online, it might help to put your focus on the real benefits a merchant account can offer e-commerce merchants.

The first and most obvious advantage is gaining the ability to accept and process any type of credit card gateway payment securely, including debit card transactions.

Power, security and ease of integration are what sets PayZang apart from other eCommerce payment systems.

Another benefit is the full support you will receive from PayZang for shopping cart and credit card processing API integration.

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